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It was a German Homoeopath, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, who discovered the 11 Tissue Salts.


Traditionally we used to get enough minerals through the water in our springs to keep our minerals in balance. Through changes in farming, environment and several other factors, like consuming processed foods, the minerals in our bodies have slowly been decreasing. Higher and higher demands are put on our nervous and immune system as well as our emotional and hormonal health.


The minerals are not being depleted in the same ratio for each mineral salt. This is why Schuessler says that even though the mineral waters often have the distribution of the salts in a suitable dilute form, the Tissue or Mineral Salts should be administered singularly. This way the depletion of the minerals can be addressed individually.


Tissue salts have to be in a diluted form in order for the body to easily absorb them. Schuessler gave most of the Salts in a dilution of 6x. There are 3 Salts though, which are harder to absorb and they have to be in a dilution of 12x. (Calc Fl, Ferr.Phos, Sil)


The dose should rather be too small than too big. If the dose is too big, there are no results, if too small, the repeated doses will improve.


Tissue salts are not to be swallowed but dissolved in the mouth so they get absorbed in the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat and oesophagus. If we were to swallow them, the stomach acid would change the chemical structure. (e.g. Ferr Phos will turn into Ferr. Chloride)


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